Hello, I'm Bev and welcome to Bev's Knotty Club or as I call it, BKC...Your source for erotic scarf, pantyhose and rope bondage. 

This is really your page.  Our members wants and desires will determine the content of my club.  So I want your feedback on what you want to see in BKC.  So, please write me.

This Introduction Page will give where I'll post any general information I think you should see.  This is where you enter my club.

You should always check our Specials Page for discounts that only BKC members will receive.  Some of these will only be around for a short time so if you see something you like, it is best not to delay ordering.  If it goes away, so does your discount.

Our Models Page will help you identify our wonderfully erotic models...they are the ones that bring the fantasies to life.

You should also read our Terms of Use.

If you see something that doesn't work correctly or something that needs to be improved, please let me know.  I can't make it better, if I don't know there is a problem. 

Feel free to contact us at:

So now...


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