Tales of Silk & Nylon

For years we have wanted to have a story page.  So here it is...the beginning anyway.  These stories are fantasies, mostly about women, who get themselves in a bind.   Usually, other women are the bad people, but guys will get involved also.  There will be stories about guys getting tied up by women (or couples), but never other guys only.  We know some people hate having a guy get tied up so all our stories will be coded so that you know what to expect.  However, guys being subdued by strong women (femdom stories) is an area of our interest also.

There will be sexual situations and sexual acts in most of our stories, but not all (for obvious reasons when you read the stories).   These stories are fantasies and we don't wish anything like this to happen to anyone in real life.   

Now these stories are an added bonus to our BKC site.  You must be a member to get the entire story.  There is no specific schedule for postings.  That means that there might be a long time between postings, if we hit a busy stretch. 

There should be no expectation of balance between pantyhose and scarf/rope stories.    Most of the stories will be written by Tommy.  And he will write what he is in the mood to write.  One thing is for sure...there will be no mention of tape.  [One of Tommy's pet peeves is that many folks that like duct tape call it duck tape.  It was named duct tape because it was designed for use on heating and cooling ducts (not ducks!!!).  There have been so many people that call it duck tape that a company now makes duct tape that is called "Duck Tape' Ugh!]  Okay, now there will be no mention of tape.

Coding the stories:   PG=straight bondage.  X=sexual acts (fondling, controlled climax, etc.)  M=a guy (major character) gets tied up in the story.

Given below are samples of the posted stories...

Best Friends
Chapters 1&2

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