Terms of Use

Knotty Silk Scarf Productions (KSSP) is pleased to have members of Bev's Knotty Club (BKC) collect the images on BKC for their own personal enjoyment.

Redistribution of BKC and KSSP image, video and text

The images, video and text posted on BKC and regular KSSP pages are copyrighted. Any publication of KSSP or BKC images, video or text on other web sites, on newsgroups, or in print is forbidden without explicit permission from KSSP. Redistribution of images, video or text to other parties is also prohibited.

For the small minority of people or companies that wish to illegally use our 
images, video or text, we will use all legal means available to stop you from doing it. Note that we routinely file copyrights on our videos and on selected images. Although all material on these pages is under copyright protection, explicitly filing copyright puts violators at significantly more financial risk.

We realize that some of you may think we are overreacting and others simply think that everything should be free on the web. It costs us real money to produce the content on our web site. Someone taking images from our site and using them to promote their own web page is equivalent (on a different scale) to someone stealing your car and then driving around in it.  Both are illegal.  In the past, KSSP has had images stolen, altered to remove identifying text, and published on other web sites without our permission. We 
do take copyright violations very seriously.

Misuse of the BKC Pay Site

Sharing of log-in information with other parties is not permitted. We do our best to provide quality content at a reasonable cost. The quoted 30 and 90 day membership rates are for individual use. If we detect that the same log-in information is being used by more than one person, we will terminate that member's privileges without refund for the time not used. We will also prohibit that person from becoming a member again.

Webmasters...do you share a common interest?

For webmasters that have specific interest (e.g., masked ladies, chloroform, 
scarf fashion) in KSSP or BKC images, we will make a limited number of images 
(less than 10) available to you assuming the following conditions are met:

1) The source of the images (KSSP) is acknowledged. 
2) There is a link back to KSSP.
3) There is no alteration of the content of the image.
4) You must ask for permission to use the images and identify which images 
you are interested in. It is not sufficient to do (1), (2), and (3) only. 
If you have KSSP or BKC images on your page (by agreement) and wish to update 
those images, please tell us prior to posting new images.

We will also consider a reciprocal link on our page.