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Please specify NTSC VHS or PAL or other available Format _______________ (video tapes only)
Add $5 per tape if PAL-N, PAL-M, SECAM. or MESECAM format selected.

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_______ Bev's Binding Pantyhose Fantasies - 1     CD  (This is not a video!)  30-day members: $27   90-day members: $20

_______ Bev's Binding Pantyhose Fantasies - 2     CD  (This is not a video!)  30-day members: $27   90-day members: $20

_______ Bev's Binding Pantyhose Fantasies - 3     CD  (This is not a video!)  30-day members: $27   90-day members: $20

_______ Bev's Binding Pantyhose Fantasies - 4     CD  (This is not a video!)  30-day members: $27   90-day members: $20

_______ Bev's Scarf and Rope Adventures - 1     CD  (This is not a video!)   30-day members: $27   90-day members: $20

_______ Bev's Scarf and Rope Adventures - 2      CD  (This is not a video!)  30-day members: $27   90-day members: $20

_______ Bev's Scarf and Rope Adventures - 3      CD  (This is not a video!)  30-day members: $27   90-day members: $20

Check Tapes/DVD's Being Ordered

KSSP-1 Real Estate Risks    _____ DVD-R or _____video tape  $17

KSSP-2 A Case of Ransom  _____ DVD-R or _____video tape $20

KSSP-3 The Will  _____ DVD-R or _____video tape  $20

KSSP-4 Lovely Lady Exporters  _____ DVD-R or _____video tape  $20

KSSP-5 & 6 The Lottery Ticket & Inspired By Actual Events _____ DVD-R or _____video tape  $20 

KSSP-7 Terror Among Sisters  _____video tape $14

KSSP-8 Amber Dawn, P. I.  _____ DVD-R or _____video tape $15

KSSP-9 The Name of the Game _____ DVD-R or _____video tape $15

KSSP-10 Smoked Out _____ video tape $15

KSSP-11 Real Estate Risks-2 _____ video tape $17

KSSP-12 Inspired By TV _____ video tape $17

KSSP-13 Silenced Ladies _____ DVD-R or _____video tape $22

KSSP-14 The Double-Cross _____ video tape $17

KSSP-15 Silenced Ladies-2 _____ video tape $27

KSSP-16 Abduction for Profit _____ video tape $24

KSSP-17 Against Their Will _____ video tape $17

KSSP-18 Helpless _____ video tape $17

KSSP-19 Put A Sock In It! _____ video tape $22

KSSP-20 Silenced Cowgirls _____ video tape $22

KSSP-21 Political Ties _____ video tape $24

KSSP-22 Scarf Tied _____ video tape $20

KSSP-23 Bound for Revenge _____ video tape $24

KSSP-24 Restraining Order _____ video tape $27

KSSP-25 Binding Pantyhose  _____ DVD-R or _____video tape  $27

KSSP-26 Help!  My Tits are Free, but Not the Rest of Me _____ video tape $24

KSSP-27 Nurse Nikki Gets the Treatment _____ video tape $22

KSSP-28 County Bound _____ video tape $20

KSSP-29 Binding Pantyhose-2  _____ DVD-R or _____ video tape $27  

KSSP-30 Spies, Housewives and Tight Ties _____ video tape $27

KSSP-31 T & A Bondage Studio _____ video tape $27

KSSP-32 Binding Pantyhose-3: The Pantyhose Bandit _____ DVD-R or_____ video tape $30 

KSSP-33 Bound for the Highest Bidder _____ video tape $32

KSSP-34 Bound for High Society _____ DVD-R or _____ video tape $32  

KSSP-35 Binding Pantyhose-4: Pantyhose Run _____ DVD-R or _____ video tape $32

KSSP-36 Put A Sock In It, Honey _____ video tape $32

KSSP-37 Binding Pantyhose-5: Squirming in Nylon  _____ DVD-R or _____ video tape $32  

KSSP-38 Silenced Ladies-3 _____ DVD-R or _____ video tape $27 

KSSP-39 Binding Pantyhose-6: Nylon Bound Conspiracy _____ DVD-R or _____ video tape $32  

KSSP-40 Binding Pantyhose-7: Sold in Nylon & Packaged in Nylon 
                                                                                   _____ DVD-R or  _____ video tape $32   

KSSP-41 Ladies Wearing Masks _____ DVD-R or _____ video tape $32 

KSSP-42 Binding Pantyhose-8: Pantyhose Maids _____ DVD-R or _____ video tape $32  

KSSP-43 Mother & Daughter PIs _____ DVD-R or _____ video tape $32

KSSP-44 Binding Pantyhose-9: Pantyhose Therapy & Pantyhose Audit _____ DVD-R or _____ video tape $32 

KSSP-45 House Bound! _____ DVD-R or _____ video tape $32  


KSSP-E-1 Insurance Bind  _____ video tape $32

KSSP-E-2 Silenced Naked Ladies: _____ video tape $32

KSSP-E-3 Maid To Be Tied: _____ video tape $32

KSSP-E-4 Insurance Bind-2 Premium Due!: _____ DVD-R or_____ video tape $32

KSSP-E-5 Tied Up Lady Lawyers: _____ DVD-R or_____ video tape $32

KSSP-E-6 Ropes and Gags are a Horny Girl's Best Friend: _____ DVD-R or_____ video tape $32

KSSP-E-7 Spies Tied and Gagged Like Us:_____ DVD-R or _____ video tape $32 

KSSP-E-8 Bound for Pleasure & Profit _____ DVD-R or_____ video tape $32  

KSSP-E-9 Real Estate Risks-3  _____ DVD-R or_____ video tape $32   

KSSP-E-10 The Silk Scarf Bandit  _____ DVD-R or_____ video tape $32

KSSP-E-11 Bound, Gagged & Desperate Housewives  _____ DVD-R or_____ video tape $35  

KSSP-CF1 Catfight for Survival _____ video tape $27

KSSP-Comp1 Gag Her! _____ video tape $22

KSSP-TP1 How to Tie Your Partner _____ video tape $14 

KSSP-SF1 Hollywood Headscarf Fashion (scarf fashion only) _____ video tape $14

DIDCAPS-1 Spanish Soaps   _____ video tape $25

Total for Videos and CDs ___________

Tax (7.25% CA Only) ___________

                  Shipping* ___________
(*Orders shipped to Canada add $5/tape and $2 per CD/DVD
Overseas and to Mexico add $6 per tape or $3 per CD/DVD)

TOTAL ENCLOSED ___________


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