Knotty Silk Scarf Productions Privacy Statement

We believe that your privacy is an absolute priority!  When purchases are made, certain information is collected and used to process orders.  That is the only use that is made of such information.  We do not provide any information concerning customers to third parties.

We do reserve the right to track usage and activity on the website, including the BKC membership site.  This not only helps us evaluate the effectiveness of our web pages, it helps us detect illegal activity.  Again, we do not distribute the information we collect to anyone.

There is only one situation when our guarantee of absolute privacy becomes null and void  If we have definite proof that someone has committed illegal activity against our company.  Such activity includes credit card fraud, reposting or distributing BKC images and or video clips without permission (copyright infringement), reposting of our public or BKC images with our website information removed (also copyright infringement), sharing your BKC username/password with others or posting on it the web, etc.  We realize that some people view some of these activities as a game or their right (because the web should be 'free').  We consider these types of actions to be those of a common criminal...and criminals have no right to privacy.  We reserve the right to report illegal activity to the appropriate authorities and to take legal action where appropriate.

Tommy and Bev
Knotty Silk Scarf Productions