KSSP-13: Silenced Ladies

Starring: Bambolina, Monique Shay, and Thomas Silk

If you want fancy rope work...this is NOT your video! This video is about forcibly silencing women with chloroform and gags. It features six short stories of ladies finding their mouths silenced as they are robbed or simply "kept out of the way." Three include chloroform scenes and one of these has two women chloroformed while they are helplessly bound and gagged.

The longest segment has two women accosted when they come home by a burglar. He ties and cleave-gags them. Not satisfied with the gags he improves them by adding a another layer to their gags. When they continue to try to escape, he adds yet another layer over their mouths and a blindfold.

One of our favorite scenes...What to do when you have a woman bound (but not gagged) and the doorbell rings unexpectedly? And watch as the woman desperately tries to attract attention as her captor talks with the person at the door.

All the stories focus on the gagging, the women working the gags in their mouths, and (sometimes) getting free of the gags.

Silenced Ladies: (about 57 minutes long): $27 (postpaid in US).  Available on DVD-R and VHS/ PAL tape formats and all other tape formats (at extra cost).

Stills taken from the video Silenced Ladies

kssp13_1as.jpg - 11.54 Kkssp13_2as.jpg - 11.43 Kkssp13_3as.jpg - 11.68 K

kssp13_4as.jpg - 10.50 Kkssp13_5as.jpg - 11.60 Kkssp13_6as.jpg - 12.32 K

kssp13_7as.jpg - 12.13 Kkssp13_8as.jpg - 11.54 Kkssp13_9as.jpg - 10.83 K

kssp13_10as.jpg - 11.91 Kkssp13_12as.jpg - 10.82 Kkssp13_13as.jpg - 12.33 K

kssp13_14as.jpg - 10.40 K




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