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Scarves can be very sexy!


Our first annual

Classic Scarves Calendar

No ropes, no gags...just beautiful women wearing scarves.  This is a calendar that you can hang on your wall!  Hanging, the calendar measures 8.5" (H) x 22" (V)  (or about 21.6 x 55.9 cm).  14 large images (12 months + from & back covers).  Many images never seen before.

Calendar Alone - $35 + shipping & handling ($5 US & $7 non-US)  

or get the calendar & the Hollywood Headscarf Fashion DVD, a $52 value, for $42 + shipping & handling ($5 US & $7 non-US) Sorry, absolutely no substitutes on the DVD.

Order from our Order Page!



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Scarf Fashion - Headscarves
Check out our scarf fashion video at the bottom of this page!
And check out BKC because BKC features scarf fashion images as part of its stories and as special features.

This may seem out of place on our page, but we are scarf fans so scarf fashion is a natural interest. There is a lot written and said about wearing scarves. All of it good stuff...only they often fail to mention one aspect of scarf fashion.

This page focuses on a lost art...wearing headscarves...what today is sometimes called head wraps. Back in the 1950's, 60's, and early 70's, wearing headscarves was fashionable...even with teenage girls. So what happened? 

Three turns of fate...

First, the Catholic Church stopped requiring that women cover their heads in church. Second, the carmakers stopped making convertibles (they make them again, but the damage is done). Finally (and worst of all), the Iranian takeover of the US Embassy in 1979. Headscarves were linked with religion again, but this time (in what Western countries perceived) in a negative way. Of course, there were changes in hairstyles and other factors, but these were the big three...particularly the last.  Of course, the September 11th attack and the war with Iraq has once again provided an unfair negative focus on headscarves.

From time-to-time fashion designers try to bring headscarves back. But we now have a generation of women that have grown up without them. Besides, now we have the "baseball" need to tie it. They are cheap and they can look cute on a woman...some of the time. But caps don't have the feminine flare of of a well-tied headscarf.

Ladies - headscarves or headwraps as some now call them, are NOT a form or symbol of subjugation or religious belief when they are worn as fashion accessories.  Women of the Muslim faith cover their hair completely and usually wear very dark colors, if not black.  We believe that scarves should be colorful and be worn with as much hair showing as you want.  

There are four basic headscarf ties -

Traditional - tied under the chin


Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly* - wrapped under the chin and 
                                                           tied at the back of the neck. 

*Commonly called the Grace Kelly style, but Audrey Hepburn frequently wore scarves this way both in film and in real life.  We have searched for a photo of Grace Kelly wearing this style, but without success.

Peasant - pulled back and tied under the hair.  

Gypsy - pulled back and tied over the hair.

Of these, the Audrey Hepburn/Grace Kelly style is often considered the most fashionable. However, the traditional can be very attractive and is very functional. The peasant and gypsy ties are often used with bandannas, although smaller silk squares also work well. The peasant style is making a comeback with young women and teenagers.  Like any accessory, not all ties will work well for every woman and, although the headscarf can be worn with any outfit from casual to dress-up, attention must still be paid to color and pattern coordination.

So why wear a headscarf? To keep you warm in winter. To keep you cool in summer. To protect your hair...yes, some women still care about that. Or perhaps because they are fun and different. [On a windy day or in a convertible there is an added surprise that no one ever mentions...the motion of the scarf can create what is best called a silk massage...quite a sensation.] Most of all, scarves add a different type of flare to your wardrobe.

So tie one on...add some sunglasses...and see the transformation.


KSSP-SF1: Hollywood Headscarf Fashion
The Lost Art of Wearing Headscarves
Starring Monique Shay
and Featuring Summer Haze

We present our first scarf fashion video.   About 28 minutes of beautiful women tying and wearing beautiful headscarves.  The video shows the women wearing scarves while driving in a convertible, at the ocean and other locations where the breeze makes tying one on a desirable option.  In all, 25 scarves are used in the four basic headscarf ties.  A couple of the scenes are shown above, but for the rest, you need to get the video.  So, if you are a woman who is looking for fashion ideas and believe that wearing a headscarf on occasion would add flare to your wardrobe or could be of utility...or if you are a guy who just likes to see women wearing scarves, you will enjoy this video!

KSSP-SF1  Hollywood Headscarf Fashion (about 28 minutes): $17 (Postpaid, US and Canada)  Available on DVD.  [PAL and other tape formats available at extra charge.]

Click here to order this video.

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