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 November 23,

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When their car breaks down, Goldie and Divinora Darling find that they are Playthings for Velda Fatale.

Darby is the maid from hell for Paige Richards

KSSP-33 Bound for the Highest Bidder

 Starring: Peaches, Cleo Nicholle, and Thomas Silk

Internet auctions are very popular today. but Pamela (Cleo Nicholle) finds herself the subject of an auction.  Bound, gagged and helpless to stop the bidding, Pamela's  well-endowed struggling body is displayed by the auctioneer (Peaches) and broadcast over the internet to a select group of buyers.    However, Pamela will not be sold without a fight.  Can she turn the tables on the the auctioneer or will she be boxed and delivered to her new owner?

This video has chloroform scenes, multiple layer, stuffed mouth gags and lots of physical action between the two woman.


Stills taken during the production of Bound for the Highest Bidder

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Follow Thomas Silk of knottysilkscarf on his Deviant Art Page
See images and read his stories and his thoughts about bondage.  You need to be a member of Deviant Art (Its free) to see the good stuff.

KSSP-10: Smoked Out is now available on DVD for the first time!



Bev's Binding Pantyhose Fantasies - 4
Picture and Video Clip CD-ROM

Starring: Chantal, Sindee Coxx, Katerina Duvall, Alex Fire, Alex Foxe, Goldie, Brandy Lane, Jacklyn Lick, Nicole Moore, Cleo Nicole, Pamela Peaks, Sirena Scott, Julie Simone, Tori Sinclair,  Sabina Stone, and Autumn Woods 

Ripped from the T&G Headlines in 2003 on Bev's Knotty Club...9 photo stories showing beautiful women forcibly bound, gagged, hooded, and leg sheathed with unforgiving nylon pantyhose.  They can only squirm as their captors take full advantage of their helpless situation.

In addition, the complete 22-part Pantyhose & Jewelry video clip series is included.

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