KSSP-23: Bound for Revenge

Starring: Nikki Steele, Monique Shay and Bambolina

Nikki Steele and Monique Shay reprise their roles as U.S. Senator Eleanor Hastings and Ruby, the woman involved in her abduction in KSSP-21 Political Ties.  This time Ruby is out for revenge.  Having escaped from prison, Ruby goes after the Senator for helping to put her in prison.  Her plans to dispose of Eleanor get temporarily derailed by a tabloid reporter (Bambolina) trying to get dirt on the Senator for a story.  Will the reporter save the day?  Will the Senator escape her homicidal nemesis?  Or will Ruby dispose of the good Senator and the nosey reporter?   

This story includes several chloroform scenes, attempts of the captives to communicate through stuffed and gagged mouths, hogties, on-screen tying, and women forcibly stripped to their bra and panties. 

Bound for Revenge is a sequel to KSSP-21 Political Ties.  However, it is a complete story and can be enjoyed without having seen Political Ties. 

Bound for Revenge: (about 60 minutes long): $27 (postpaid in US).  Available in VHS and PAL tapes and all other formats (at additional cost).

Special Offer:  KSSP-21 Political Ties & KSSP-23 Bound for Revenge (normally $32 + $32 = $64) for ONLY $50. 

Stills taken during the production of Bound for Revenge




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