KSSP-26 Help! My Tits are Free,
but Not the Rest of Me

 Starring: Nikki Steele, Kaiya Lea, Deva Station, Sasha Dexter,  Monique Shay, Tom Seiko and Thomas Silk

Exposed breasts and damsels in distress...always a great combination!  On a lonely road somewhere at night, two ladies (Sasha Dexter and Nikki Steele) have been abducted and are being taken by car to an unknown fate.  Their ropes and gags hidden from public view, these hapless ladies are attended to by their captor (Monique Shay), who gets great pleasure in their exposed state.  [Filmed by flashlight.  Portions of this segment are seen throughout the video.]  In the second story,  Kaiya Lea and Nikki Steele vie over who should attend an auction of a valuable painting...too bad the painter wasn't around to paint these two squirming on the floor and with each other.  Fortunately, we were there to record the event...for art's sake, of course.  In the final story, two bad dudes (Tom Seiko and Thomas Silk) pull a home invasion robbery with Deva Station and Nikki Steele as unfortunate ladies on the receiving end.  Lots of on-screen tying.

Help!  My Tits are Free, but Not the Rest of Me: (about 60 minutes long):
$27 (Postpaid in US)  Available in VHS and PAL tapes and all other tape formats (at additional cost). 

Stills taken during the production and directly from the video of
Help!  My Tits are Free, but Not the Rest of Me 




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