KSSP-37 Binding Pantyhose-5: Squirming in Nylon

 Starring: Talia Monet, Summer Cummings, and Nikki Steele with Thomas Silk

This video features three friends, who can't seem to avoid being bound with their own pantyhose, played with and then robbed.  As the story begins, all three are squirming in nylon as robbers ransack their house.  Once that ordeal is over with and they are waiting for the police, each relates how she was forcibly bound with pantyhose and gagged, played with and robbed by a pair of women robbers on different occasions.  These are some of the best grab and tie scenes we have shot.  They include a couple of unique ties by top-rigger, Talia Monet.  There is also an extremely hot scene where Summer Cummings, who has the largest breasts we have had the pleasure to work with, is pleasuring herself (just before she is forced to squirm in nylon) while wearing pantyhose and playing with pantyhose...if we weren't into bondage so much, we could have filmed Summer just doing that for an hour!  Nikki Steele gives her usual outstanding performance.  With all the action in this video, these ladies still get a surprise at the end of the video.

This video features pantyhose bondage including sheaths/multiple sheaths (head, legs, nearly full-body).   Various types of gags were used to quiet these squirming ladies.  

Binding Pantyhose-5: Squirming in Nylon (about 60 minutes long):
$37 (Postpaid, US and Canada) 
Available on DVD-R and VHS and PAL tapes and all other tape formats (at additional cost).   

Stills taken during the production of Binding Pantyhose-5



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