KSSP-40 Binding Pantyhose-7: Sold in Nylon
Packaged in Nylon

 Starring: Tori Sinclair , Jewell Marceau and Thomas Silk (Sold in Nylon)
Jacklyn Lick, Ginger Sands, and Goldie (Packaged in Nylon)

Two stories about white slavery and beautiful women bound with pantyhose.

Sold in Nylon:  She promised to help women on the run disappear...to escape.  She took their money and they did disappear...bound, gagged and chloroformed; they were sold into white slavery...never to be heard from again.  Tied with pantyhose...Their heads sheathed...Their legs sheathed...with pantyhose.  Their cries for help stifled by mouth filling gags.  Her victims could only squirm in their pantyhose cocoons as money exchanged hands.  But when her latest victim arrived, her plans don't go exactly as planned.

Packaged in Nylon:  The popular BKC video clip series is available on video for the first time.  When an up and coming white slaver (Goldie) wants to learn the ropes (errr...hose) of the trade, her boss (Jacklyn Lick) is more than happy to show her how to properly package a squirming woman (Ginger Sands) in pantyhose for her trip.  Using pantyhose sheaths and a stuffed mouth gag, the package is soon ready for fondling and delivery, but that isn't the end of the story.

Binding Pantyhose-7: Sold in Nylon & Packaged in Nylon (about 84 minutes long):
Video: $37 (Postpaid in US) 
Available DVD-R and VHS-NTSC and VHS-PAL tapes and all other VHS formats (at additional cost).   

Stills taken during the production of Binding Pantyhose-7
(We only have a couple stills of Packaged in Nylon, but you can download a 
Windows Media preview of Packaged in Nylon (1,100 kb).   There is a link to get a Windows Media Player on the BKC Guest page.)




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