KSSP-42 Binding Pantyhose-8: Pantyhose Maids
Maid in Nylon & Nylon Maid

 Starring: Rubee Tuesday, Ginger Sands  and Thomas Silk (Maid in Nylon)
Cleo Nicole, Jacklyn Lick and Alex Foxe (Nylon Maid)

Two stories about maids put into pantyhose bondage.

Maid in Nylon:  A robbery was their first introduction to pantyhose bondage, but the lady of the house (Rubee Tuesday) found it exciting.  She wanted her maid (Ginger Sands) and herself to experience more.

Nylon Maid:  The popular BKC video clip series is available on video for the first time.  A woman (Jacklyn Lick) and her friend (Alex Foxe) play pantyhose bondage games with the maid (Cleo Nicole), but the games turn serious when someone gets greedy.

These videos feature pantyhose bondage including pantyhose sheath bondage.

Binding Pantyhose-8: Pantyhose Maids (about 81 minutes long):
Video: $37 (Postpaid in US) 
Available on DVD-R and VHS-NTSC and VHS-PAL tapes and all other VHS formats (at additional cost).   

Stills taken during the production and from the video of Binding Pantyhose-8
(You can download a 
Windows Media preview of Nylon Maid (1,351 kb).   There is a link to get a Windows Media Player on the BKC Guest page.)


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