KSSP-43 Mother & Daughter Private Investigators

 Starring: Shyanne Shadoes, Maria Shadoes, Autumn Woods,  and Thomas Silk

Real life mother and daughter, Shyanne and Maria, are private investigators on the trail of a art dealer (Autumn Woods), who might be crooked.  Neither PI can seem to avoid ropes (sometimes scarves) and gags.  The art dealer also  is the victim of a robbery, as are some of her clients.  Will our PIs solve this mystery or will their careers end in a bang (while squirming to get free)?

This was the very first time that Shyanne Shadoes had ever been bound and gagged.

Mother & Daughter PIs (about 72 minutes long):
Video: $37 (Postpaid in US) 
Available on DVD-R and VHS-NTSC and VHS-PAL tapes and all other VHS formats (at additional cost).   

Stills taken during the production of Mother & Daughter PIs




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