KSSP-44 Binding Pantyhose-9: Pantyhose Therapy
& Pantyhose Audit

 Starring: Loren Chance, Sirena Scott, and  Lena Ramon (Pantyhose Therapy)
Julie Simone, Angella Faith and Darby (Pantyhose Audit)

Pantyhose Therapy:  What medical treatment is best when you are stressed out?  When a stressed out socialite calls her nurse, little does she know that she will get a new treatment...pantyhose therapy...just before she is robbed!  What is pantyhose therapy?  You'll just have to watch to find out!

Pantyhose Audit:  This popular BKC video clip series is available on video for the first time.  When an  accountant discovers what she thinks is evidence of embezzlement, she takes her findings to the wrong person.  The embezzler decides that best way to escape is leave the accountant and her boss bound, gagged and encased in nylon.  Lots of on-camera tying. 

These videos feature pantyhose bondage including pantyhose sheath bondage.

Binding Pantyhose-9: Pantyhose Therapy & Pantyhose Audit (about 78 minutes long):
Video: $37 (Postpaid in US and Canada) 
Available on DVD-R and VHS-NTSC and VHS-PAL tapes and all other VHS formats (at additional cost).   

Stills taken during the production and from the video of Binding Pantyhose-9
(You can download a 
Windows Media preview of Pantyhose Audit (1,381 kb).   There is a link to get a Windows Media Player on the BKC Guest page.)


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