KSSP-7: Terror Among Sisters

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Starring: Amber Dawn, with Bev as the Thug

Amber Dawn plays three roles in Terror Among Sisters about Barbara Williams, who is being  threatened not to testify at an upcoming trial, and her two sisters Amy and Carol, who are pawns in the campaign of terror. What starts as a verbal threat over the telephone escalates when Amy is left bound and gagged with scarves in her closet as a warning to Barbara. Amy manages to free herself and call Barbara. Later, Carol is in her bedroom when she is chloroformed. Tied with black stockings and gagged with a bandanna and black stocking, she is warned that Barbara shouldn't testify. Dressed only in a thin robe and panties, Carol's struggles soon reveal her amble breasts. After a prolonged struggle, Carol manages to get free. She calls her sister... Only, the thug already has a gun trained on Barbara. In a scene that has to be many a man's fantasy, Barbara is forced to stuff her mouth with a handkerchief, tie a bandanna between her lips, and then strip at gunpoint (leaving her topless). Her hands are bound and she is lead away. The thug attempts to convince Barbara not to testify while she is bound with cord in the shower.  Barbara refuses to give in. Retied with scarves to a chair, the thug continues her attempts to get Barbara to change her mind. Finally, the thug decides that the only way to resolve the situation is to do away with Barbara and her sisters.  First , Amy and later, Carol is lured to Barbara's place. Amy is bound with tape, her mouth stuffed and her own scarf used to complete the gag. Her hard nipples can be seen through her tight blouse. Carol is taped to a chair (with one breast showing), her mouth stuffed and taped. All three woman struggle as the thug pours gasoline around the house. Will they survive??? Or will they burn???

Terror Among Sisters: (Approx. 60 minutes): $17 (postpaid in US). Available on DVD-R and VHS/ PAL tape formats and all other tape formats (at extra cost).

Stills taken during the production of Terror Among Sisters

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